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About Girl Unafraid


Ladies, we know what your struggles are. We have been there; we have walked the path with others just like you.

We coach Trailblazers; women who get stronger on their path to becoming indomitable.

Women just like you…

Struggling with uncertainty about the future, career, marriage, family, relationships, sickness,
or suffering? We would sympathize with you, but that’s ultimately not going to get you unstuck.


“Poor me” is the name of a victim who doesn’t have any power. It’s a handy excuse for not taking
action. You are here because you are a woman who takes action.


You are a change maker. You just need your tribe.

Girl, you found us!
Let us help you become an Overcomer.

We help women chase dreams and…


  • Take back the financial control in their lives.

  • Launch new careers.

  • Start new businesses.

  • Endure infertility.

  • Implement wellness, lose weight, get fit, and thrive physically.

  • Find love, improve marriages, overcome betrayal, infidelity, and abandonment.

Additionally, we walk the path with our Girls to help them:

  • Forgive themselves and others.

  • Find peace with relationships that have hurt them in the past.

  • Manage the burden of illness or death of a loved one or support them as they walk towards

their own death.

  • By providing support and insights for the challenges of raising children who need more or who are struggling with poor grades, bullying, being socially unaccepted, gender issues, sexual confusion, addiction, substance abuse, or being lost and so much more.


We are not therapists. Coaching does not replace the need for therapy. Coaching is a tool in the toolkit of living abundantly and curating an incredible life—the life you were meant to live.

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