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Cathleen Mancino

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Who is Cathy?

Cathleen is a Woman’s Empowerment Coach, Executive Peak Productivity Coach, writer, influencer,  motivational speaker, and published author. Cath draws from her rich spiritual practice, reflective journaling, and her 26 years as a CEO and President of a software company to coach women to achieve their Vision personally and professionally.  She uses philosophy, science, and ancient wisdom to walk alongside her clients on their paths of recovery, reflection, restoration, and growth.  Cath believes in the power of love and humor to create a safe space for new perspectives to be born and limiting beliefs to be surrendered.  Her Italian Irish heritage and growing up with 4 sisters have given her insight into the profound power of the strength of women and the beauty of what the support of one woman for another can manifest.  Cathleen knows that every woman possesses two lives.  It is only when she discovers the second that the first life truly begins.


As an empathetic and intuitive coach and entrepreneur, Cathleen combines her ability to feel the feelings of others and her communication and motivational skills to help women overcome what holds them back from living joy-filled abundant lives.


Although Cathleen is a mother, she understands the deep pain and turmoil of infertility.  She works with women who are managing infertility as well as moms who are single parents or parenting children who have ADHD, Anxiety, social challenges, bullying, and academic struggles.  She also Coaches women who are balancing multiple roles as professionals, moms, wives, and caregivers to older parents.


Often a Coaching engagement with Cathleen involves learning to manage challenging relationships, marriage struggles, infidelity, and divorce. Suffering and heartache are a part of life. Cathleen illuminates blind spots and patterns that make up the choices that are being repeated causing consequences that, many times, clients cannot see themselves. In Coaching, clients discover the way to overcome what may seem insurmountable.  With Cath, the next steps forward becomes more clear. 


Life can be peaceful.  Self-acceptance and healthy self-love are possible. 


Cathleen believes every woman she works with is a priceless masterpiece destined to give to the world something she and only she can give.  Her client’s unique desires and vision are worthy of attention.  Their dreams deserve wings. Cathleen is committed to providing Coaching resources, events, support and programs for clients to live fully every precious moment. 


Cathleen believes in providing access to Coaching both professionally and philanthropically.  She serves on the Board of the charity, Middle Earth and regularly extends a portion of her schedule for clients who are unable to access coaching without financial support.  Cathleen believes that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.


Cathleen’s mantra is YesYouCan! She’s the Founder of Girl-Unafraid and the Slingshot Method Coaching for Sales Professionals. She believes in the “habitude of gratitude” to overcome fear. Her biggest vice is that she can become more committed to the goals of her clients than they are themselves.


She’s working on that with her coach!

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