Lorena Jackson

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Who is Lorena?

Lorena Jackson is a mother of three beautiful children and one paw baby. She is also a loving wife 20 blissful years in love, super dedicated life coach, and career transition coach. Lorena is the founder of HER Circle- a women’s empowerment group dedicated to helping women of all ages succeed through mentoring, support, and accountability.

Lorena has 10+ years of Leadership and Business Management experience where she had the honor to inclusively coach hundreds of employees, both male, and female, of diverse cultures and a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities.


Through Lorena’s business and life experiences, she discovered her true purpose was to help revolutionize the way women see themselves and their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


Despite how alone you may feel at times, Lorena will be the first to tell you, ‘YOU are not ALONE.’


Lorena is a gifted guide leading her clients to identify and overcome the challenges in their lives. Lorena will work co-creatively with you to remove those blockages and fears.


Through her coursework, she helps find the root cause for feelings of unfulfillment and frustration. Her coursework involves exercises and activities that explore a variety of factors contributing to negative outputs such as internal beliefs that can hinder self-growth, examinations of the power dynamics that are at play in the workplace and/or at home, as well as taking a close look at how you keep yourself grounded.


Lorena’s main goal is to help you recognize your inherent strengths and develop the mindset and toolkit that will allow you to achieve and sustain a sense of personal power and purpose, along with mental and spiritual freedom. 


Primary areas of focus Lorena Coaches on: 

  • Releasing judgments and negative self-talk

  • Shifting toward Positive Mindsets

  • Developing your sense of empowerment

  • Understanding your true purpose

  • Uncovering your internal blocks to happiness

  • Discovering your own spirituality

  • Understanding who you truly are

  • Learning to listen to your intuition

  • Manifesting what you want in life

  • Finding appreciation and joy 

  • Navigating life challenges